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plantguild products and PMDD ingredients...

Thanks to Jared Weinberger's list on

I have found a few places that claim to stock PMDD or its constituents.
Here is what I have found out so far:

PlantGuild Products  (http://www.familychest.com/plantguild/)
	Seems to have everything I need, and their prices aren't too bad.
	Problem is their email keeps bouncing, so I don't know if they 
	are even still in business.  Anyone know any more about these guys?

HomeGrown Hydroponics  (http://www.hydroponics.com/)
	They also seem to have what I need (except their trace mix is 
	missing one thing).  I had already contacted them and placed an 
	order pending approval of shipping costs prior to contacting this 
	list, and have not heard back from them.  So I don't know what 
	their status is either...

Three Guys Aquatics  (http://www.threeguysaquatics.com/)
	I'd heard good thing about them in the past, so I wouldn't mind 
	ordering from them, but they only stock pre-mixed PMDD (dry and 
	liquid).  The Conlin/Sears paper recommends adjusting the nitrates 
	to fit your aquarium, and since I already have most of the stuff, 
	I was planning on doing just that.  So unfortunately, they won't 
	work out...

Other places to try...

CropKing	(http://CropKing.com)
	LOTS of stuff...  1# to 50# bags of various agro grade chemicals. 
	1# KNO3 for $3.  Only list K2SO4 in 50# bags ($18).  Just a little 
	more than I want.  :)  I have an email out to them to see if 
	smaller quantities are available.

PCI Scientific Supply (http://www.pciscientific.com/pci/default.asp)
	LOTS AND LOTS of stuff, but EXPENSIVE!!!  Lab grade stuff.

If I find out more, I'll update this list...  
Amazing how hard it is to find this stuff...  :/