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Are compact fluorescent bulbs interchangeable/all the same?

To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com 
Subject: Are compact fluorescent bulbs interchangeable/all the same? 
From: stephanieac2001 at juno_com 
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 18:38:27 -0500 




I was wondering if all Compact Fluorescent bulbs are interchangeable.  I
have JBJ Lighting system. Could I replace the bulb with another brand or
type of CF or do I have to stick with their brand.  I don't know much
about CF, but I didn't know if there were standard bulbs like T-12.  I am
looking to put some less expensive bulbs in if possible.  I would love to
have a source of CF bulbs that are not so expensive.



I know this is telling you something you already know, but others on the list 
may not be aware of the neat feature the JBJ lights have: instead of a square 
or straight line 4 pin socket arrangement only, the JBJ lights have 4 wires 
coming from the socket, each with a single waterproof  pin connector. These 
can be arranged in a line or square, which gives you the advantage of using 
either type bulb. I don't know if there is a less expensive brand, but I 
would guess that a similar wattage CF bulb would work in your lights no 
matter who made it. I use CF lights, but my sockets are the rigid plastic 
square type.