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Easy Life/fertilizer

DISCLAIMER:  I know nothing about the product or its efficacy...  I just
thought I'd throw this out there, knowing they read our list, and in hopes
that it would be of benefit to them and the rest of the list.

They used the term fertilizer in reference to plants when describing their
product's use, and while this may be perfectly acceptable in other
countries, it has legal ramification in the US and the EU that they may want
to take into consideration.  I would hate to see them get into trouble with
the US or other country over something so trivial as the word "fertilizer"
in their advertising or product literature.  IIRC, fertilizers are required
to contain N, P, and/or K, and to be labeled with appropriate ratios and
active ingredient lists.  Since EasyLife doesn't disclose ingredient lists
and ratios, they may be in violation of governmental regulations if they
refer to it as a fertilizer.  Either way, they might be well served to
provide more information how how their product works, if it is a fertilizer
(as legally defined), and what active ingredients it contains.  I know I
don't like dumping stuff in my aquarium unless I know what it is and what it
will do for me/to my fish/plants.