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Re: Easy-life resurrected

At least he didn't send the lawyers after us :-)

At the beginning when we started out with Easy-Life in
(somewhere in 1999), we did get the very same response
we saw in the
Actwin mailing group. Is not possible, can't be done,
no indepent
confirmation (understand that back then we did not
have the test
reports), and other remarks. Especially from people
who never tried it.
Since  we started with the test reports, the tide
turned (the ones who
filed the reports are not unknown there). Criticism is
okay, and being
cautious about something new is always necessary. But
bashing the
product, just by reading a part of the web site and
never even having
tried the product, is not necessary.

If you or anyone else has further questions, then just
send us an 
via our web site.

Best regards,
Toon Vermeule

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