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Easy-Life resurrected

Hey all,

Hmmm... it seems like I've been made a middle-man. Here is Easy-Life's 
answers to everyone's reply:

Hello Don,

Thanks for the fact that you posted everything of my answers, and not
omitted anything. I think that is always better than quoting out of
If I may, I would like to make some comments about some postings I have
read (assuming posting as manufacturer is 'not done').

About the remark on spelling errors :
First of all, I'm Dutch. I'm trying to write English as best as
possible. Obviously I could make a mistake here and there. [I also make
a bunch when I (try) to write German, which is more difficult].
Easy-Life fluid filter medium is a Dutch product, not German.

Snake oil / serpent oil :
Some people have compared our product with snake oil (or serpent oil).
That is quite ridiculous, since our product contains 0% organic
material. It's merely made of different (classes of) minerals which
together produce the effects we sum up here :

When you look at above mentioned page, you see that we claim even more
than you have described in your mail.....

The question about Easy-Life and plants :
Easy-Life acts as a fertilizer, but not in the way like the traditional
fertilizer works. The product does give off some trace elements, but not
enough to make a real difference (your tap water and fish foods give off
more trace elements). The products works generally in two ways as a
fertilizer :
1. It bonds a lot of nutrients which are present in the water column
that otherwise would go to waste, and can give them off to plants when
they need it. That is in the case the particles fall on or in the
vicinity of the plants, so they are able to draw the nutrients that are
absorbed by the product. This way the fertilizer that you normally use,
will be used more efficiently.
2. A part of the product particles falls on the sand or gravel. There
they develop an enormous micro biological activity, which is beneficial
to the plants.

Easy-Life is thereby a possible way to reduce the fertilizer that you
use (you can cut it by 50% or more, depending on the individual aquarium
conditions). A Fe-fertilizer should be used like always, since Fe is not
present in Easy-Life. CO2 can be used without problems.
This is all on our freshwater-page by the way :
In addition we have one page on the subject of algae.

About a 'miracle product' :
Certainly not our words. People see the claims and, because it's more
than they are used to, it is called miracle product. The general
biological and chemical products can have nothing else but very limited
results. You can only go so far with thiosulfates, complexing agents,
polymers, quinones and whatever else you may find in tonics,
conditioners, fertilizers, fish calmers or anti-stress agents, breeding
promoters, protectants, etcetera. With Easy-Life there is a way to
combine the properties of different kinds of minerals that can work for
just about everyone :
You need a conditioner to remove heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines,
ammonium ? You want to really protect the slime coat of your fish, not
by throwing polymers at them ? You have problems with corals that won't
open ? You want to have crystal clear water ? You want to make transport
and quarantining your fish as smoothly as possible, limiting the number
of (avoidable) deaths ? You want to prevent bacterial infections ? You
want wounds to heal swiftly ? And I can go on and on. Easy-Life is a
completely natural product wherein a whole range of effects, where
normally one would need a complete assortment, is combined. And with no
extra chemical or organic burden in your tank.

We can't stress enough the fact that we produce independent reports,
from commercial and non-commercial sources. We hope to get some more in
the coming months by the way. These are the practical experiences of
people with the product.
One could mail those commercial and non-commercial people in English if
you want, to ask them questions. The reports are here :
Just send them or some of them an e-mail.

At the beginning when we started out with Easy-Life in Germany
(somewhere in 1999), we did get the very same response we saw in the
Actwin mailing group. Is not possible, can't be done, no indepent
confirmation (understand that back then we did not have the test
reports), and other remarks. Especially from people who never tried it.
Since  we started with the test reports, the tide turned (the ones who
filed the reports are not unknown there). Criticism is okay, and being
cautious about something new is always necessary. But bashing the
product, just by reading a part of the web site and never even having
tried the product, is not necessary.

If you or anyone else has further questions, then just send us an e-mail
via our web site.

Best regards,
Toon Vermeule

My webpage:
San Francisco Bay Area LFS Review page:

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