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Re: Re Amazon sword propagation

Greetings Shawn
In answer to your propagation questions:

Photoperiod change: 
I went from 11 hrs to 12 hrs but I have heard of
decreases in photoperiod having the same effect. I'm
guessing that simulating season changes is all we are
trying to accomplish.

Stalks above or below water?
It doesn't seem to matter as long as there is
sufficient humidity in the tanks headspace, although I
too was worried about this and found the stalks
sufficently flexible that they could be bent to keep
everything underwater.

You will be surprised at the speed that these stalks
lengthen (5 cm per day least) and the lengths they
reach (mine is now 120 cm in a 90 cm tank).

All the best with the sword and let me know how you
get on.

Dave Morris
New Zealand

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