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Re: See Spot Die

Dear Cavan,

I found that all my algae problems disappeared when I started adding
potassium and carbon in liquid form to my low tech tanks, so maybe its same
old, same old - Tom's message --> more CO2 and other nutrients, in balance.

Before that, I had continuous hair algae and green spot, in both low and
medium light situations.  I have a pretty rich soil substrate under gravel,
but the tanks were obviously lacking those two elements!

Kind regards,

Susi Barber

>Is it impossible to get rid of green spot algae?
>Completely?  My tank is almost algae free except for a
>bit of the stuff.  It grows (or did grow- it's no
>worse than before) on hygro leaves in the rear half
>under the PCF and on the front glass.  NOT on hygro
>leaves up front under Zoomed T8s.  What does this say?