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Re: Amazon sword propagation

> Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 14:46:04 -0700 (PDT)
> From: dave morris <t350001 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Amazon sword propagation 
> I have a question with regard to the flower stalks of
> an Amazon Sword. A few months ago I purchased 2 small
> Swords from a local supplier and planted them in a low
> tech ,peat substrate, non-CO2 injected 160 litre tank
> with 60 watts of full spectrum light. They grew
> extremely well and took over one end of the tank. I
> wanted to propagate them and read in the archive that
> altering the photoperiod can induce flowering. Two
> weeks after the change both plants produced flower
> stalks.
> One stalk is about 450mm long (18 inches?) and has 6
> nodes each producing a plant or two. The other is
> approx one metre long (40 inches?) with about 15
> nodes, none of which are producing plants. This stalk
> is still getting longer and one of the nodes has put
> out a daughter stalk.
> Now, finally, to my question. Is this second plant
> putting all its resources into lengthening its stalk
> and hence not producing any plants? Can I cut the
> stalk to induce plant formation, or will this damage
> it? Both plants have had flowers on the stalks but
> these are gone now except at the still growing end of
> the longer one.
> Thanks in advance for any replies.
> Almost forgot to mention that both stalks are fully
> submerged and always have been.
> Regards 
> Dave Morris
> Christchurch New Zealand

Would you care to elaborate on how you changed the photoperiod to induce the Amazon Sword to flower? I have a fairly large Amazon Sword that is well over 2 years old, and I would like to propagate this plant because it is getting too large for my 30 gallon(long) tank (plant has reached the water surface). The plant is currently receiving 10 hours of light each day. Do I need to increase or decrease the photoperiod? If the plant sends up a flower stalk, it will undoubtedly be above the water surface. Is it OK if the stalk is above water? Won't the plantlets dry out if they are above the water?
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