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Algae avoidance in new setup

I am FINALLY setting up my high-tech tank and am have a couple of questions.

The tank is a 92 corner with heating cables (150 watt), laterite, 50 pounds
of bacteria-laden regular gravel from my low-tech mixed with about 70 pounds
of Flourite, 250 watt MH, CO2 tank injection with controller.

At this point I have the substrate in with an additional heater and about 70
gallons of water.  This water registers 0 KH and 0 GH out of the tap so I'll
have to put Seachem Alkaline Buffer and Equilibrium in today to get the
levels up.  I can only keep my old tank around 2 GH and 2 KH since the pH
goes above 7.5 otherwise although I assume the CO2 will allow me to pull it
higher now. I will probably put a little bag of crushed coral in the Eheim
to attempt to hold the hardness levels somewhat so I don't repeat the great
crashes I experienced in my old tank.

I plan to order from AZ today.  I would really like to avoid algae horrors
on startup, please don't laugh, surely it is possible.

I have been using (on a low-tech tank) only TMG and Seachem Potassium.  I
picked up some Seachem Iron since the old tank never registered any.  I
planned to add all 3 of these when I add the plants and turn on the CO2.  Do
I need sulfate, nitrate or phosphate initially also?  I always see
references to potassium nitrate or potassium sulfate on list, are they
available without the potassium since I already have that?

Any help you can provide me would be wonderfully appreciated as always!

Daphne in Algae-Free Hotlanta (at least in this tank, at least for the time
being he, he!)