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Re: NO3 and some resolve

A couple of weeks ago I measured nitrate a day or two after a water
change.  The test indicated elevated levels that were not consistent
with recent experience. Ah ha!  forgot to turn the Magnum back on after
the water change.  Turned the filter on and the next day N levels were
back to normal.  Which leads to a question...

The magnum runs with the filter "blanket" thingy around the container
that can hold a variety of media.  It is filled with some ceramic
cylinders that provide biological filtration.  So mechanical filtration
is minimal.  At first I saw the filter mostly as a convenient way of
getting circulation.  However, as the tank has developed some fast
growing plants have been removed in favor of plants that do not need so
much pruning, if any.  Has the biological filter provided a cushion when
substantial pruning / plant removal is done?  Would I be better off
removing the ceramic media and using something that would provide more
mechanical filtration?  The filter is very low maintenace in it's
present setup :-)

Jay Reeves