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Easy Living......

With all due respect, anyone that would put something in her or his
tank without knowing what it is or at least have some scientific data
on how it reacts under rvarious conditions would be very naive if not
an idiot.

Suppose whatever Easy-Living is does have some effects that might be
beneficial in some aquariums.  Nonetheless, that does not mean being
open-minded entails purchasing such a product.  Those that hype the
heck out of what might be, for all we know, plain tap water, don't
deserve the patronage of the paying public, IMHO.  Remember the company
that sold portable coat hangers for $5.  Yes, they really did work; for
your mainey you were sent an ordinary nail.  The nails really worked,
but the vendors didn't deserve patronage -- prosecution, in my opinion,
but no patronage.

I don't see what's different in this case.

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