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Re: Badis Badis

Thanks for the info William, that was very helpful....... but they are
probably not what I need, which is a (preferably single) fish that eats
snails in soft to med pH water, that is not aggressive to my other fish.  I
have an 80 odd gallon community tank with Cardinal and Congo tetras, male
dwarf and pearl gouramis, a pair of German rams, about 5 otos, and lots and
lots of snails!  I'm in the process of deciding that one of my red dwarf
gouramis has to go, as he is picking on the other one and also the pearls,
not content with having one end of the tank to himself!   Of course, this
ideal fish should also be easy to obtain and easy to sell again after it has
done the job!  My tank has enough inhabitants already, not much room for too
many more!  Coolies fit most of these requirements, but you have to get too
many of them.

Thanks again,