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Re: Water inside CO2 regulator

I've successfully dried out things (usually electronic things, but it will
work with others) by packing them in a bag with some packs of silica gel (a
dessicant). The silica gel commonly comes with computer parts to keep them
dry in transit and you can probably get some for free from smaller computer

The silica gel works by absorbing the water out of the air and will get you
down to zero % humidity in the bag. This should "encourage" the remaining
water to evaporate and come out of all the little spaces in the regulator.

BTW, you can regenerate silica gel by baking it in an oven for a while at
low temp.


>Uh... oh. I did something stupid, don't ask how... :(... and I got water 
>inside my CO2 regulator and needle valve. Does anyone know what I can do, >or 
>if I even have to do anything, to make this regulator useable? I know that 
>CO2 when mixed w/ water makes carbonic acid which is mildly corrosive. Will 
>this acid have a detrimental effect on regulator use? So far I hooked up my 
>air compressor and inserted it into every orifice of the regulator and 
>needle valve, trying to get all the water out. I'll do this for several 
>days. Will this be enough to make the regulator useable again?