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Yesterday, I mailed the Easy Life company to request information about the
exact ingredients of the product and their respective concentrations. They
gave me the same respons (in Dutch) as they gave to D. Duterte's mail. By
the way, it looks like they are keeping an eye on this list too as they
identified me as the one starting the Easy Life thread. In one of their
replies on my mailings, they said they were quite pleased with all the
recent attention their product was getting from aquarists in the U.S. :-)

There's another thing... Some people on the list said that Easy Life
compares to the snake oil of the Marc Weiss Company. But I am wondering:
when Easy Life is added to the tank, it clouds the water for a while as a
result of its activity (according to the product web site). Does snake oil
have the same effect when it is added to the water?

Maybe we should not dismiss the product yet, but instead we should try to
find out as much as possible about Easy Life and the way it works to produce
all the effects as stated on the web site. Who knows, maybe some of those
statements are true...

Davy Cleys