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tank pressure reading

Under DOT regulations, which are applicable to gas filled tanks because
they are transported on federally funded public thoroughfares, CO2
tanks can be filled only so much.  A tank that weighs about 12 pounds
or so empty can be filled with 5 pounds of CO2, which at room
temperature(s) reads about 750-1,000 psi.  If the tank is filled more
than that, it's a violation of the regulations.  However, Tanks that
meet DOT-3AA-2015 (stamped right into the tank) are rated safe up to
2,015 psi -- when they are tested, they are pressurized to about 3,000
psi.  Under the regs, a tank cannot be filled if it has not been tested
within the last five years.

If you want more info about CO2 tanks and the regs, I have some
documents that might be helpful.  Probably too many bytes to post on
the mail list.  Just ask me at shieber at yahoo.com --substitute the @
for "at" in the address.

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