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Re: Formal Retraction

I was sad to see the retraction posted by Dr. Morin  The only
substantive change to the original post was to delete the following - "I
do feel strongly when another manufacturer tries to mislead the consumer
(either intentionally or not, I don't know)".  Dr. Morin / Seachem lists
ingredients of products on their web site and product labels.  Dr.
Morin's postings on this site have been, to the best of my recollection,
largely confined to appropriate use and limitations of Seachem products
in planted aquaria, not hype.

Several months ago I griped about a Seachem Fe test kit.  Dr. Morin saw
the post, emailed me off line, sent me a fix pronto, and never asked for
a retraction to my original post.  I was very impressed!  Ever since
that incident I have been lobbying a LFS to carry Seachem.  I was
recently pulled aside by an employee and told the owner will never carry
anything but xxxx (the one with the lawyers) because he gets "special
Now if I could only get special pricing on gas to drive to the FAFS (far
away fish store).::-)  I do hope that Dr. Morin will continue to
contribute to this list.

Jay Reeves