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Re: Formal Retraction

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 02:51:00PM -0400, Greg Morin wrote:
> Attn all:
> On November 29, 1999 I made a post to the APD (you can see the full 
> post in the archives: 
> http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/month.9911/msg00630.html  )
> in which I made the following statement:
> >I hope this doesn't appear to be "bashing" of another product. That
> >truly is not my intent, but I do feel strongly when another
> >manufacturer tries to mislead the consumer (either intentionally or
> >not, I don't know) with pseudo scientific claims that prop up invalid
> >assertions of product superiority."
> I hereby wish to formally retract that statement. In retrospect it 
> would appear that that particular statement had the appearance of 
> establishing something to be factual which is only my personal 
> opinion. I have been advised that this list, being a pulic forum, is 
> not the proper place to express that type of personal opinion.
> I have requested (at the direct legal bequest of Kent Marine, Inc.) 
> that the above paragraph be removed from the archive and substituted 

I do not use Kent Marine products. There are no reasons for that other
than the fact that I am happy with what I am now using and am going to
stick with my current regimen. If I was considering using a Kent
Marine product, your comments posted to APD quoted above would not by
themselves prejudice me unduly against the product or the company - I
would do a search of the Web and APD archives to see what others had
to say, as well as reading all the propaganda Kent Marine had to offer
me regarding their products.

However, the fact that Kent Marine sent their lawyers after you with
threats for what you said on APD *DOES* prejudice me against the
company and their products! Based on this action and this action alone
(i.e. Kent Marine sending out The Lawyers to intimidate you and cause
you to retract your innocuous statements), I will not buy Kent Marine

You, informed reader, will of course do whatever you please
irregardless of my silly opinions.

Dan Resler                            email: dresler at vcu_edu
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences          
Virginia Commonwealth University           
Richmond, VA 23284-2014 USA