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IMHO, the web site for this product, Easy-Life, makes some pretty
outrageous claims.  For example, it literally claims that the product
contains "no chemicals."  Unless the bottle has a perfect vacuum,
that's as irresponsibly inaccurate a claim as I have seen in a long
time.  Undoubtedly it has SOME chemicals and not others.  Which
particular chemicals it does and does not contain are exactly what's
not talked about. I'm not suggeesting they reveal a secret recipe, if
there is one, but the vendor doesn't provide any information about the
chemical contents of the product.  Is a Material Safety Data Sheet
available?  Does it contain just H2O and fragrance?

As for the benefits of its use, there doesn't seem to be any scientific
data presented, only anecdotal data.

I would not be interested so much in whether anyone has further
anecdotal data about a product for which such extravagant claims are
made -- I would be interested in anyone knowing of any scientific data,
and information about the chemical content of the product.  Short of
that, at least they could present some music or other entertainment
along with the medicine-man show!


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