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Plant safe meds?

I'm new to this list (been lurking for about a week now) and I have a 
question :)

I am experiencing an outbreak of gill flukes in my planted aquarium (housing 
six discus, two clown loaches, five tetras and several otos) and I want to 
treat the entire tank (firstly because my q-tank is too small to house all 
my discus at once, and secondly, because I figure the flukes will just recur 
if I don't treat the tank as well).
I have treated some of my discus with Praziquantal but am unsure if this is 
harmful to plants (I know it is harmful to my loaches).  I went to my LFS 
and they recommended Lifebearer (active ingredients are: 0.0-dimethyl, 
1-hydroxy, 2-trichloromethyl phosphate)  which they said won't harm the 
loaches or the plants.  But I'm not sure if I trust this information.  Does 
any one know whether either of these treatments is safe for use in a planted 
tank to kill gill flukes and if not what can I use?

Thanks for your help :)
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