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crypt and snail questions

hello all...

Two questions - i recetly purchased about 15 cypts for my 92 gal corner tank (192 watts cf) i believe they were walkeri and wenditti (sp?). Now, when i first put them in (about a month ago) the leaves were all nice and green and light red but they have since turned a very dark reddish brown and i'm not sure why. i kinda liked the other color better. i also stuck some of them in a little ten gallon that i have in my classroom with nothing but a plain old 15watt hood and they are growing fine while remaining the same original green & pink/red. any ideas?

next question - i have a bunch of sanils in my tank. it started inocently enough about 6 months ago with one or two that got in on plants. seemed fine, they are small (size of a large pea at the biggest) and grey and i have never seen them eat any plants what so ever - though they do do a great job at cleaning dark algae from the leaves of my slow growing anubias nana. so i've let them live and multiply until now there are SO many of them that they are really the dominant feature of the tank. i feel i need to now rid myself of some of them, but i can't bring myself to squish them or throw them away into the garbage. i was thinking about gettig a clown loach, so the question is - will one clown loach kill ALL the snails (i would like some to stay) AND will one clown loach be okay by himself or do they need companions?

thanks much!
-john guild