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Re:Amazon sword propagation

>Now, finally, to my question. Is this second plant
>putting all its resources into lengthening its stalk
>and hence not producing any plants? Can I cut the
>stalk to induce plant formation, or will this damage
>it? Both plants have had flowers on the stalks but
>these are gone now except at the still growing end of
>the longer one.

>Dave Morris
>Christchurch New Zealand

Leave the stalks alone.  eventually they will stop growing in length and
then the plantlets will appear.  Do not pull off the plantlets until they
have stopped growing and have a number of roots.  In nature, the plantlets
adhere to the stalks until the stalks disintegrate.  it does not matter if
the stalks are emersed or submerged.

Paul Krombholz, in  central Mississippi, with a tropical storm promising to
give us some rain in the next few days.