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Re: Amano shrimp + clown loaches?

> Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:12:40 -0500
> From: Martin.Ostrowski at nokia_com
> Subject: Amano shrimp + clown loaches ?
> Hi, 
> Has anybody kept amano shrimp with clown loaches? I'd love to get some of
> these shrimp for my planted tank, but I'm afraid my over-zealous loaches
> would soon make a meal of them. I imagine since they are able to eat snails,
> they may see the shrimp as an excellent high-protein snack. The largest of
> the loaches is about 8cm long.
> Martin

Hi Martin,

    I've had some one inch and larger Amano shrimp in my 100 gallon with 3 -
4"-5" clown loaches for more than a year now with no problems. There are
also 4 zebra loaches in the tank, and they don't bother the shrimp either,
though they make life miserable (or at least very short) for snails. I'd
love to have lots more shrimp in the tank, but at $7.99 each, I can't
justify the cost.


Ron Barter,
Perth, Ontario