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reddish precipitate

Hi there,

Hi, this is my first post, though I have been lurking awhile. I have a new
precipitate in the bottom of my sump. There is no precipitate in the actual
tank, and the tank water is quite clear and the plants appear healthy. The
precipitate is reddish and clings together, but has no real substance - I
can't really get a pinch of it in my fingers -it's kind of jelly like. When
I stir the water, it doesn't cloud it, or dissolve - just kind of floats

The 120 gallon tank is a few weeks old. Substrate Gold laterite was used in
the substrate. I am dosing very lightly (half the recommended dosage) with
Formula T and Formula K. I don't have an iron or potassium test kit. Water
is soft (RO water with a bit of RO Right) kH is 4, pH is close to 7.0, temp
is 81. I use CO2 and 615 watts of light.

Any experience with this sort of thing? The precipitate formed suddenly
overnight. I didn't add anything yesterday or change the water...

My guess is that it's harmless since everything else looks good, but I have
never seen this before and I've been keeping plants for many years.


Robin Ryan rsaund at thesaundersgroup_com