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Re: Algae Growth

>>Then why do I need to put all this effort into
solving this nutrient problem? I can just put an army
of SAE's in there and not even worry 
about fertilizers or CO2. Are all the planted,
algae-free tanks with high lighting out there
nutrient-balanced? I think very few of them are. They
algae-free because their owners use algae eaters. I'm
sure most people do not put as much effort into their
aquariums as I do. If it's this hard to
make a tank nutrient-balanced (as from my experience),
then a lot of hobbyists would quit if there were no
algae eaters.<<

1.  Even Amano uses herbivores in virtually all of his
tanks, if you look at the pictures.  Probably more
shrimp and o'cats than most of us use.

2.  It is quite possible to have an algae problem in
the presence of herbivores, as many of us can attest. 
It just makes it easier.

3.  Perhaps it is deceptive to think that the natural
state of an aquarium is algae-free.  Most free bodies
of water have lots of algae.  The ones that don't most
likely don't have heavy plant growth of any sort.  So
I propose that perhaps what we attempt (algae-free
tanks) is somewhat unnatural.

4.  From the frustration that I have seen on various
boards, lists, etc, it seems that many hobbyists *do*
quit, in spite of the existence of herbivores.

5.  I highly recommend Amano shrimp.  All the
frustration you feel will melt away in a few days with
these guys.  :)  Trust me.


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