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Re: BBA?

> For BBA, if I drop a jobes plant spike into my sump tank and let it
> raise the phosphate level, BBA begins to appear on many leaves.   I do this
> once in a while to make sure the phosphate level doesn't get TOOOO low.

Do you ever get Green water from this jobe-ing in the sump? Just curious.
That's how I get my tanks to GW out. Never seen hide nor hair of BBA though.
Does the BBA appear on just the slower growers or the faster growers also?
Have you tried KH2PO4 for PO4 source? I'm not too keen on the Jobes sticks
for any water column dosing. You might find the KH2PO4 to be better. Or some
other source of P.
Tom Barr