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Re: Nitrate test

Beverly Shutes <heavensabvus at yahoo_com> wrote re nitrate kits << I have
given upon on all three and am saving for a Lamotte>>

That's the problem with the cheaper kits -- you are often uncertain reading
them and aren't sure whether to trust them. So you get the second and third
kit, they don't agree, and what do you do -- take an average? Most of these
kits are wide-range kits that simply don't have accuracy, precision and
resolution that we need for our planted tanks. We really aren't interested
in the high-end of the broad nitrate scale that folks with fish-only tanks
might need (you can always dilute your test water with distilled water if
you really are out-of-range with a narrow-range test kit). The kits I use
are listed on http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/tank.htm

While the initial expense is usually more than you would like, the refills
are reasonable. I have confidence in the precise reading I get with my
nitrate kit (#3110) which measures in the 0-44 ppm nirate range (0-10
nitrate-nitrogen). The LaMotte "comparators" are great: you look through
both the sealed references (usually 8) and your test solution at a light
source and are comparing liquid to liquid and not liquid to a paper chart
(a difficult task, especially where evaluting intensity, or saturation, of
a color and not hue). The LaMotte narrow-range pH kits provide a good pH
reading to calculate your CO2 (You can resolve pH readings to at least 0.1
and even 0.05 pH units with a good eye). In two years with my LaMotte kits,
I never regretted the purchases with one exception, the LaMotte iron kit.
The Hach 1465-00 is superior IMO, especially at the low end of the scale,
were we generally test. You may choose not to test for a given parameter,
but when you do it's because you really want to know the actual
concentration or you want to know *with confidence* whether the level is
going up or down.

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