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Re: algae laying in wait

> > Of course, people like Tom
> > Barr, who don't have any algae in their tanks (unlike
> > me) may have a different experience. :)
> I got it, you just can't see it. We all got it. It's just waiting:)
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

I agree 100%.  I think about this everytime I hear someone talking about
treating plants to avoid introducing algae.  I don't believe it's possible
to avoid algae, only to optimize conditions to prevent it's growth.   In my
75g, which appears 100% algae free, if I let conditions shift slightly, I can
create BGA, or BBA.  The BGA will appear on the upper stems of plants where
they reach the surface and I don't prune as a should.  The water movement at
the surface is reduced, and the parts of the plant in contact with the air
get BGA.   For BBA, if I drop a jobes plant spike into my sump tank and let it
raise the phosphate level, BBA begins to appear on many leaves.   I do this 
once in a while to make sure the phosphate level doesn't get TOOOO low.  

I think algae is always there, just waiting for the right conditions.

Chuck Gadd