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Re: Bleaching monthly?

Tom, are you saying that it's impossible to keep all algae away with DIY CO2
even when it's at a high level? How does algae know whether the CO2 comes
from yeast or a pressurized system? I'm not saying you're wrong, but your
advice seems to contradict everything else I've heard previously about CO2
and algae control.
My CO2 is at about the same concentration (28 ppm), even at the end of the
day. My daily pH swing is 0.2. The algae still grows. Are you saying the
problem might be that the CO2 is not steady (but still high enough)?
Alex R.
pcalex at yahoo_com

Thomas Barr wrote:
> If you lots of flow sometimes you won't see much. I doubt you have much
> though. Gasping fish tanks have too little at 28ppm. This depends on your
> fish tolerances/load/plant growth rates-types etc but most fish have
> issue with it as long as there's some turnover and good
> movement/circulation. We won't throw you in "CO2 jail" if you lose some
> to water movement:)

> It's CO2 plainly in your case. I was at this point years ago. Drives folks
> bonkers. I've been there and was there for about a year or two.  CO2 CO2
> CO22. Keep it steady and a good amount in there. Move your water around
> some, even the surface a little. Consider a gas tank. It's not that bad
> once you get one you'll be like " Gee, If I had only known it was this

> It gets cheap and easy then. Plants grow and algae doesn't. Many folks
> do have the algae problems have namely no N, P or K or have DIY CO2 with
> something not being done right etc with CO2-namely lack of CO2 during
> photoperiod. Excesses are generally caused by lack of plant