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polish aquatic plants page

I have a problem :(

As You probably know polish water-plants centre is being made (aren't You
;> ).
We have some texts but we still are out of photos. Most polish photographers
are taking only fish photos, coz plants are problem for them :(

And so, I'd like to ask You for help: you can send me Your photos (or their
links), with copyrights and permission and I could put them into our
articles on the www.holenderskie.com (as you can see TROPICA is still
supporting us)

Thank you for cooperation...

I'm studying biology on one of uour Universities (in Wroclaw) we have a
great part with aquariums in our botanic garden (30 tanks for people to see,
each 1200 l, and big pools in the back-how does it sounds ;), well probably
it's one of
the biggest collections in Europe. So when you will be "ny the way" visit
us! :)

p.s.2 sorry for my english, it isn't perfect ;>

Piotr Baszucki (piotr at baszucki_net)
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Wroclaw-Ogrod Botaniczny UWr. - akwaria roslinne

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