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Well, another quarter has rolled around and another Planted Aquaria 
magazine has shipped.   Watch your mailbox.   Hopefully it will arrive in
2--3 weeks in the US and 2-3 months overseas (Canada, this means 
you).   Sorry for the delay for the non-US subscribers, but it was that or 
a big rate increase.

This issue features a great ferns article by Karen Randall and a terrific 
plecos writeup by Shane Linder and all you want to know about lighting by 
Dana Riddle.   That together with a comprehensive description of how to 
pronounce latin names by Mike Vasey with another wonderful Lori Shimoda 
cartoon makes for more than your money's worth,  yet again.   Enjoy.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco       gomberg at wcf dot com
NEW Planted Aquaria Magazine:        http://www.wcf.com/pam