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Re: SAE fedding question

> "You should supplement the natural algae growing in your aquarium with
>sinking algae wafers or pellets, such as the Hikari Algae Wafers that are
>sold in many pet stores and in Wal-Mart. But be careful because these >wafers
>may pollute the water, if they aren't completely eaten or removed after a
>few minutes."
>Does anyone do this?

Mine are pretty good at stealing tubifex worms when I feed them (I used the
freeze-dried cubes suspended in the water by a teflon wire). Between that
and the algae they find they have been growing pretty well since I got them
about a year ago now from the very source you mention.

I do occasionally drop in one of Tetra's "tabimin" pellets, but the pleco
usually finishes it off way before the SAEs find it.