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Re: Emmersed growth

> My new 90-gal setup is my first open top tank with MH lamps (2 175w
> pendants, suspended about 12" above the tank). One of the main reasons
> I set the tank up this way was of course to allow for emersed growth.

Try pennywort. Plants that are right under the cookers(MH's) will get
roasted. Try to train your plants off to the sides on the lighting
> What are other peoples experiences with this? How do I get nice
> emersed growth? Turn my house into a tropical rainforest???

I live in the desert pretty much. No problems with many plants. I doubt
misting etc will do much. Getting them out of the direct light will help.
> Once obvious solution is to raise the pendants alot higher. Many of
> the tanks pictures I've seen with very nice emersed growth have
> pendants hanging very high over the tank. However doing that would
> adversely affect the light intensity at the bottom of my tank, plus
> put alot more light out into the room.

Not the best idea FWIW.
> It appears that it's rather difficult to have alot of nice emmersed
> growth as well as great looking submerged plants. If nothing else the
> emmersed growth will steal most of the light from the underwater
> plants.
That why I keep the emmersed growth off the back and to the sides.
Or you can have low light Anubias etc under the emmersed plants that need
> What really puzzles me about this is that some people (Mr. Booth, for
> one) seem to be able to get beautiful emmersed growth (without
> misting) in normal or even low household humidity while at the same
> time having their light sources hanging at a normal distance from the
> tank. Is there a trick here I'm missing?

Sorry, cannot tell "the secret":) Well, I just did, I guess, above.
Tom Barr