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Re: Do you submerge plant roots during bleach treatment?

stephanieac2001 at juno_com wrote:

> Subject: Do you submerge plant roots during bleach treatment?
> I have a question about the bleach treatment.  Do you submerge the whole
> plant in the bleach/water mix or just the green part and not the roots. 
> I'm afraid the roots will absorb the bleach water and the plant will die.
> On the other hand if I don't bleach the whole thing some nasty algae may
> hitch a ride.

Stephanie, I'm speaking out for all aquatic plants - PLEASE don't 
bleach me!! I know lots of folks, many on this list, that do the 
bleach dip. I have to speak up and ask why? I've been through 
several truckloads of plants over the past years and have never 
thought of using such an unforgiving procedure. Any algae I've 
experienced is from my own neglect with water parameters. 
Bleaching is rough on the brittle stems plants. The toughest of the 
plants seem to suffer, loosing a leaf or two. 

I know it's done for the sake of algae killing, but remember algae is 
a plant also. If it'll kill algae...

I can honestly say that I've gotten plants from friends that were 
covered in all kinds of mess. Some folks would die if they thought 
they had to put one of those algae-ridden plants in their tank. I 
relish it! I usually cut away the worst of the leaves and rinse it well 
with tapwater and in it goes. If your tank is balanced, esp. w/ CO2, 
new leaves will appear and eventually you can snip away the bad 
leaves. Before long, you'll have a gem. I love pointing out plants for 
my friends and saying, 'Remember that glob of algae you gave me 
a couple of months ago?' I couldn't imagine dipping a beautiful 
Ozelot or Marble queen, much less something pricey like a crinum 
or Madagascar lace.

If the tank's not balanced, any amount of pre-treatment won't 
protect them from the inevitable. Also remember, lots of algae 
spores are airborne and will always be with us. The only real way 
to win is outcompeting them for nutrients.

Jamie    <"\\\><  Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids