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RE: New Plant Treatment Question

>I forgot part 2 of my question.  I will be ordering some new plants soon
>and wanted to treat them before I put them in my tank.  I was thinking 1)
>use Lime-It (by Aquatronics)  to reduce hitchikers and 2) use Bleach to
>destroy the really nasty algae.  Of course good tank management will
>reduce algae in the tank. I have learned a lot here about that.  I just
>want to improve my chances of introducing no new algae types.  Would this
>be a good system?  Any other suggestions?  I think I tried Potassium
>Permanganate and it didn't work so well.

I think algae is as easy to prevent as nitrifying bacteria.  When you set up
a new tank you have brand new gravel, brand new filters and fill up the tank
with chlorinated water.  For some strange reason the bacteria grows anyway,
wether ammonia is provided through fish or bottles, thankfully the bacteria
does appear.  Algae is the same type of growth, there is absolutly no way to
avoid algae, just ways to control it, it's one of those mysteries of science
type things.

Viruses don't scare me, I could go on, but it would be offensive.