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Re: Used light bulbs

I reuse the bulbs in the non-aquarium fixtures that
are in my bathroom and kitchen.  Since they seem to
last a long time after I've removed them from the
aquarium I often develop a small pile, which I give to
the maintenance personnel in my building to be reused
in hallways.  If you have no fixtures to accommodate
them in your home, perhaps you can save a few up and
find a home for them.

>ok, folks, so if you are supposed to replace your
light bulbs regularly 
(6 months? 8 months? 2 years?) before they burn out,
then what do you 
do with the used bulbs that are still good?  do you
simply trash them?
i'm just too much of a tree hugger to just trash
perfectly good light bulbs...
tsuh yang<

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