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New Tank!

Roger asked about suspending metal halides over a tank.

My Dad just finished my stand/hood for my 92 corner and he built a suspended
light assembly for it.  It is inside the hood.  Actually the entire "thing"
is one big enclosed piece of furniture.  I'll send you a picture of the
light assembly offline.  (I think anything with attachments do not make it
to list).

As far as how I like it, I just got it Memorial Day too and haven't hooked
up the plug yet.  It is movable up and down ( one inch increments), and can
actually swing out away from the tank and can be changed to being configured
both parallel or perpendicular to the front of the tank so I expect I will
love it.

If you need additional info. I will be happy to try to help or refer you to

Got all my MH "stuff" from Premium Aquatics.  I like them.  It is irritating
that Jason only answers emails, you can't call him with questions but other
than that the service has been great as well as the prices.

Hope this helps.

Daphne in Hotlanta