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hi all!!

i'm new to this list and to aquatic plants. I got interested in them to try and control algea and nitrates in my 2 goldie tanks.

I have a 55G and a 30G and in each I have 
1 amazon sword
1 water sprite
hygrophila polysperma
1 banana plant

any advise in appreciated!!


any way to anchor stem plants? the goldies love to trash the place and stemm plants are always floating up to the top

how much light?? my 55G has a 110W compact flour. and the 30 has 60W of "aqualight"??

plants seem to be doing well. is there a troubleshooting guide out there somewhere? best books? best web sites??

how about buying plants on line? any advise? recommended vendors?
I'm looking for a few plants..hornwort is one!!!..that I can't find locally.

that's all I can think of for now!!

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