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Re: Inexpensive light bulbs

Beverly Shutes <heavensabvus at yahoo_com> wrote:

>Hello all...I'm looking to replace one of the 24"
>bulbs in my Perfecto light strip and saw a couple in
>Home Depot.  I'm wondering if anyone has used them
>before?  One was specifically for aquarium and plants
>but had no temperature rating on it.  The other was in
>a bright orange wrapper (sorry I don't have the brand
>names) and was called "Sunshine" and was rated 5000k. 
>It is supposed to mimic the noonday sun.  Would one of
>these be better than the other?  They were both around
>$5-6.  On the other hand, if you can recommend another
>bulb that wouldn't cost too much more and is available
>from ThatPetPlace I can add it to my upcoming order. 

The aquarium and plants bulbs should be a "GE Plant & Aquarium" bulb.
IMO this is a repackaged "Warm White Deluxe" old-style halophosphor bulb. 
Gives off a pinkish hue. The "Sunshine" is a bulb designed to mimic the
tropical solar spectrum, thus it has excellent color rendering. Both
should be good for plants (both worked well for me).

If I had a two-bulb fixture, I would use a combination, one of each. The
Sunshine to provide the basic full spectrum light, the P&A for an extra
boost at the red end of the spectrum.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD