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Re: Inexpensive light bulbs

> Beverly Shutes wrote:
> > Hello all...I'm looking to replace one of the 24"
> > bulbs in my Perfecto light strip and saw a couple in
> > Home Depot.  I'm wondering if anyone has used them
> > before?  One was specifically for aquarium and plants
> > but had no temperature rating on it.
> I've used this light.  It doesn't appear very bright and I think it has
> a grolux-like spectrum, which means that it grows plants about as well
> as a cool white, but costs more.  The color rendition is poor.
> > The other was in
> > a bright orange wrapper (sorry I don't have the brand
> > names) and was called "Sunshine" and was rated 5000k.
> > It is supposed to mimic the noonday sun.
> These are my favorite lights for the money.  The color temperature
> suites my taste, and the CRI is 90, which means that it renders colors
> about the way they should appear.  The lights are not real bright and in
> my experience they may stop lighting dependably after a year or so.
> Just the same, I like them enough that I take my used lights to my
> office to replace the Cool Whites over my desk.
> Probably either of these lights will grow plants about the same.  The
> real difference is in how good things look when viewed under the light.
> The "Sunshine" light is a hands-down winner in that comparison.
> Roger Miller

I use a combination of the two.  Half and half.  I didn't like the look of
either, alone, so I stuck 'em both on.

Alysoun McLaughlin