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re: Cheap CO2 check val;ves

I use a check valve in line between the regulator and the injection site in 
the Filter. Mine is a Dennerle check valve with screw-down type fittings on 
both sides (like brass pressure fittings). Made of heavy duty black ABS. Has 
worked perfectly for better than 2 years now. I use them on all three of my 
plant tanks. M3 sells this valve for about $18, I think. They also have a 
solid metal one that is supposed to be even better, but is definetly overkill 
for my situation. The Dennerle valve is good, but requires a certain amount 
of pressure to go across the check valve. I do not know if there would be 
enough pressure in a yeast-type CO2 generator to cross it without popping off 
the line at the bottle.