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Re: Inexpensive light bulbs

>  Kyle wrote:
> > I thought ALL bulbs should be replaced after a year, inexpensive or not.
> > It's what I've always read anyway.
> I've read that too, and I don't think it's true anymore.  GE "Sunshine"
> bulbs do seem to lose light intensity and start lighting erratically
> after about a year, but that isn't always the case.  I had some Philips
> Ultralume and Advantage X bulbs that lasted ~5 years in near continuous
> use before they got noticeably dimmer than a new "Sunshine" lamp in
> side-by-side comparisons.  They started failing to light at about that
> time, too.
Hmm....light bulbs may appear to keep their "intensity" for a long time but
the change
is gradual and will not be apparent to the observer. A light meter check at
the beginning
of the installation and 6 - 8 months down the road will show a  quite
When I change my 6 bulbs at the end of 6-8months the light intensity change
is dramatic.
This will be more a difference if your tank is being run at the high end of
requirements (ie, light loving plants, CO2, fertliziers, etc) I have watched
certain plant species 'fade' from my tank to old bulbs whilst others are
Anyways my 2cents worth...

Bill Lynn