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Re: check valve for CO2 neccessary?

> Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 23:12:58 -0400
> From: Vrondi <vrondi at MailAndNews_com>
> hello all.  I'm thinking of putting together a high pressure CO2 DIY system so 
> I won't have to mix yeast every week or two.
>    My father is giving me a good regulator since he has a spare for his 
> welding.  So this means I'll have to buy just a tank and needle vale, right?
>    Some pages on line metion using check valves in the line from teh tank to 
> the aquarium.  Is this neccessary?   Surely the pressure on the CO@ tank is so 
> much higher than that of the water from the aquarium, that the water is never 
> going to push it's way back down the line?
>    Also, am I missing any vital components here? > Thanks, > --Chrys
CO2 can travel up the supply line if you let your tank go completely
empty.  In the unlikely event that this happened, I seriously doubt that
the water would be able to get past the needle valve (which is operated
almost fully closed).  So I don't use a check valve.  HTH