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Re: Lab stuff & ion meters

Tom and Roger:

Thanks for clearing me up on the ion meter thing.

I think I get it now... 

First there's the ion meter and then there's the probes. Or buy a meter and 
you're only part of the way there.

That probably explains Tom's comment about (snip) "...the probes tend to be a 
bit expensive too." and later "How much $$ you got?:)" as in: You'll need a 
half dozen of them at least to do much of anything useful 'cause they only 
check for specifics i.e. not N in general, but NO3 or NH3, or 4, etc..

$3700.00 hmmmm... price is headed in the right direction though.

Maybe it won't really be all that long if there's enough of a demand and 
given a few manufacturing advances. Obviously others beside aquarium people 
could use something affordable along these lines - the pool guys, etc.. I 
like the concept but then depending on how often you had to calibrate all 
those probes and under what conditions they needed to be stored - and I'll 
just bet I can guess - I can see where they might not be a whole lot simpler 
after all.

...at least at this point.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach