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RE: Gibbing your plants

> I have some gibberellic acid that I have used on terrestrial plants in the
> past.  Gibberellic acid when applied in minute quantities on leaves and stems
> causes increase in height.  It can break a dormancy cycle as well.
> Are there any uses for aquatic plants?  I was thinking of aponogeton seeds.
> Anything else?

It'll help seed production maybe and flowering. They put it on grapes for
better yields. I'd put it in near when you think your going to get a flower.
One single treatment at moderate concentrations. Additional treatment likely
weekly or monthly did produce any effects worth noting. Upside seems to be
the extra flowers/fruits, the downside is that that extra energy has to come
from somewhere and this is most often from the plant it self so it will be
weaker and likely to go into senescence. Aponogetons perhaps even more so
but I've never tried it on those. They tend to be prolific enough already.
As far as a good thing for plants or not, it seems that it won't hurt and
MAY help. But your not going to get a huge plant with Gibs vs a plant
without. It's subtle there at best. I did try it on an A. capuroni but it
did nothing in response. I kind of doubt it's going to help a weaken bulb.
Positive effects are more for healthy plants but it won't hurt IME.
Tom Barr