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RE: Tell me if this is a bad idea (Gibberellic Acid in Tank)

> Date: 23 May 2001 16:56:42 -0700
> From: Roger Oconik <rogereo at altavista_com>
> Subject: Tell me if this is a bad idea (Gibberellic Acid in Tank)
> I have some gibberellic acid that I have used on terrestrial plants in the
past.  Gibberellic acid when applied in minute quantities on leaves and
stems causes increase in height.  It can break a dormancy cycle as well.
> Are there any uses for aquatic plants?  I was thinking of aponogeton
seeds.  Anything else?
> I was going to do some experiements but do I want this stuff in the tank
water?  I'm hoping some botonists can help with this.
> Roger

If you do add Gibberllic Acid please let me know the results, I was
wondering whether to do this for sometime, however I only have a 10g tank so
increasing the height would not be approperiate for me :) Have you tried any
of the other hormones available on the market as well? I know that some
plants inhibit hormones to inhibit the growth of other plants which may
cause a problem in some cases however I dont know which plants do what.

- Matt