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Re: Eheim #2026


I saw a model 2026 (in the box) at the lfs and it looked like my older 2228.
I believe the 2226 was like my 2228 except it has one less filter bucket, so
I think I can answer your question about the 2026 which should be close to a
2226. (does that make sense?).  Their web site, www.eheim.com doesn't
mention the 2026 yet.  Anyway,  when you turn on the filter, all the air
gets blown out off the system.  When you turn it off the water tends to
stand in the inlet and outlet hoses if the outlet hose is under water.
Since its a closed water tight system, a power failure shouldn't affect it.
The only way for water to get on the floor is if one of the hoses bursts
(heaven forbid!).

It even has a quick disconnect and valves so you can disconnect the hoses
from the filter do the maintenance on the media, reconnect the filter and
just turn it back on.  The 2228 has 3 filter buckets, and I think the 2226
has 2.  The filter buckets have nice handles on them.  I've run my 2228 for
18 months straight without a problem.  I'm very happy with it, and would buy
Eheim again.

I don't think you can back flush it.  Its quite easy to clean so I don't
think that's a disadvantage.  I never used an older Eheim but I've read that
this series is easier to use.  The top of the filter box contains the pump
and it comes off instantly with the pull on  four "snap" fasteners.

Steve Pituch

>sinal II model 2026.  I have a few questions.  First, is there a way to
backflush >this cannister filter?  Is it easier to use than the older
> This next question probably applies to all cannister filters but is there
a possibility that in a power outage the water could drain back down the
tubing and onto the floor?  Won't the water drain out of the tank until the
bottom of the inflow is reached.