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Re: Eheim and Cannister Filter Questions

"Danny ounsworth" <luxembourg26 at angelfire_com> wrote:

>Good Day,
>I'm thinking about purchasing an Eheim Professinal II model 2026.  I have a few questions.  First, is there a way to backflush this cannister filter?  Is it easier to use than the older Eheim's? 

No. Water can flow only in the forward direction. You gotta open it to clean it.

>This next question probably applies to all cannister filters but is there a possibility that in a power outage the water could drain back down the tubing and onto the floor?  Won't the water drain out of the tank until the bottom of the inflow is reached.

No, that can never happen. Canister filters are closed systems, meaning
that there is no air inside the system, thus it works as a circulation pump.
No head. You probably are confusing this with an open system, meaning a 
system in which water flows in the open, such as in a sump system. These
_can_ backflow.

>Please tell me I'm wrong about that but I'm worried about Brown Out's and my new carpet.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD