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outside aquarium

Recently I was given a 100 gallon glass aquarium.  As I already have two 70
gal. one 30 gal. and one 20 gal. planted tanks set up in my house I had no
room for this new larger tank.  I therefore decided to set up this new tank
outside on my backyard patio.  I have decided to go minimalist with this
tank.  It simply has a fertilized sand substrate with a gravel layer on top.
No top, filters, heaters, lights etc.  It is heavily planted with a variety
of plants from my other tanks.  I live in northern Utah at about 4,300 ft.
elevation.  The tank receives about 6 hours of direct sunlight from 8 am to
2 pm, then the tank is in the shade of a near by building for the remained
of the day.  On average my summertime temperatures range from the high 80's
during the day to the mid 60's at night.  My questions to the list are:
1)	Has anybody else out there setup an outside planted aquarium?
2)	Are my natural lighting conditions going to be adequate?
3)	Should I install other devices such as heaters, filters, etc.?
4)	What are the general opinions of the list regarding this setup?
I am particularly concerned that algae could become a real problem.  What
should I do to minimize algae given this particular situation?