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Re: Java fern...emersed growth?

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Dwight wrote:

> >>>>>>Only one place have i heard where these guys grow submerged. pools of
> about 20metre sq. together with java moss outside a limestone cave. high
> alkalinity<<<<<
> Yes, I understand Javafern likes hard water.  Does anyone know why this is
> the case?  Does the plant have some capacity to undergo biogenic
> calcification?

I can't say much about java fern and hard water.  In the case that Ali
described the java fern may have been growing underwater because of high
CO2 levels in the water.  Water coming from springs or caves in limestone
can sometimes carry fairly high levels of CO2.

Mark Fisher described a wonderful example of that a few years ago, which
you can read in


Roger Miller