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TMG - too much P?

  I am wondering what I need to add to my planted tank.    I have an
excess of P, low NO3 and unmeasurable Fe (all Seachem test kits).  I
have TMG, but I am wondering if there is any P in it.  I don't want ANY
more P in the tank - there is a little bit of BGA starting to form, and
I don't want to fight the same battle I just had a week ago.
  I am thinking of just going out and getting some KNO3 and adding it
strait to the tank (mixed into sol'n 1st, of course), but if TMG is
sufficient, I'll just add that until the Fe levels are at least
measurable and NO3 is a bit higher (right now ~1.5ppm).

Any comments are appreciated.

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